Harmony anderson Ilenda

Licensed Professional Counselor

Faith-Based Counseling in Roswell, GA


Individuals · Couples · Adolescents/Family



I offer a faith-based approach to counseling to help you achieve emotional well-being.

Are you struggling within your relationships, dealing with anxiety and/or depression, or going through a major transition in life? If so, you’ve come to the right place! I provide both short and long-term counseling with individuals, couples, and teens/families.

The decision to enter therapy can often feel scary and intimidating. As your therapist, I will listen empathically, confidentially, and offer guidance in a non- threatening way. I want to help you overcome obstacles to achieve peace and success in your life.






I provide one-one-one counseling for individuals in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. I take time to explore my clients’ feelings, beliefs, and behaviors. My role as your individual therapist is to help you uncover the solutions and strategies that will best serve you in your life.


Is your relationship in trouble? I want to help you save it and restore a deeper level of trust and intimacy. I treat the couple as the client, always seeing you together.  This can help you develop an increased understanding and appreciation for one another. I help couples create and restore more trust, communication, and love.


Are you worried about your teen? I’ve helped many teens and their families deal with anxiety and depression. I help teens explore their feelings and find healthy approaches to navigating this stage of their life. I give families the confidence to express themselves, open their hearts and gain helpful perspective.



Set an Appointment

Let’s start the journey towards healing together.  I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation prior to your first appointment. Please call me at 404-556-6662 or email me at harmony.ilenda@gmail.com to discuss first steps to reach emotional well-being.